Training for the Active dog  

Cory Miller

Cory has an extensive background in animal training. He began as a farrier and horse training where he was highly successful and won multiple national championships over 20 years. After a debilitating injury ended his ability to ride and train horses he has used this knowledge to begin a career in falconry-based bird abatement with trained birds of prey and began an apprenticeship in dog training. In 2020 he finished his apprenticeship and started Black River Dog Training here in Olympia. 

He is well known for his strait forward no-nonsense approach to helping you build a strong partnership with your dog. Wiling to adapt his training to produce the dog that suits your lifestyle and needs, allows him to have success with a multitude of different breeds and discipline types from basic obedience, service dogs, protection dogs, to hunting dogs. 


At Black River Dog Training we are lucky enough to have Katy Miller DVM right here on the home team. After 3 years in general practice, 5 years in Emergency Medicine, and several surgical awards she made the choice to focus on pet nutrition. For the past 9 years, she's been in the employ of MudBay pet foods, an employee-owned, independent, brick and mortar pet food business with a keen focus on providing the best nutrition and safest products available to their customer base. During her time with MudBay, Katy has been able to tour some of the most elite food production facilities in the world, as well as some of the most selective small-batch food production companies on the market. Even going as far down the production chain to tour the farms that grow the ingredients used in the production of dog and cat foods. To say she knows what's in the package and where it comes from is kind of an understatement. 

Katy is proud to offer nutritional consultation here at our kennel for your dogs and come up with dietary solutions that fit your needs. Is your dog under/overweight? Does your dog have flaky skin or a dry and brittle coat? Maybe just the world's worst case of weapons-grade gas.....Or perhaps you just want peace of mind knowing you're doing the best you can to provide the best diet for your furred companion. Whatever the situation, Katy is ready to talk with you about pet diet and health.

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