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Training and Behavior Modification

Black River Dog Training programs focus on building relationships and understanding before obedience. Dog training should be about building trust, confidence, relationship and obedience. BRDT will show you hands-on using a mixture of dog psychology and proven training methods on how to achieve the ultimate relationship with your dog. Our training program is tailored to your goals and lifestyle. We offer a variety of obedience training programs so that you may find one that best suits your needs.

Steps to follow

Schedule a free 45 min consultation and demonstration

We make sure  Black River Dog Training is a good fit for you and your dog.

Choose a Package

Create the perfect package for you and your dog that will help reach their maximum potential.

Set the Date

Set a date. Leave the rest up to your dog.

Featured Packages

Puppy Basics

Get started RIGHT! The primary socialization period for dogs is between 6 and 20 weeks of age. This is a crucial time to get your relationship with your dog in the right place. Don't wait until fear-based reactivity and aggression are already a problem. 

We recommend starting after fully vaccinated at about 12-16 weeks for our puppy classes.  

Basic Training

All dogs are happier when they are started off with basic obedience training, but this is especially important for highly active breeds. When this basic leadership has failed to be established numerous more advanced behavior problems will develop.

Advanced Off Leash

Take the next step in training and teach handling skills off-leash and with distractions.

Specialized Skills

Have a need or a disability that your dog may help you with? Black River Dog Training is well known for being able to use behavior shaping to get your dog to help with just about anything you may need.

We have multiple ASL interpreters in our family, Cory has knowledge of the culture and basic ASL communication skills and enjoys working with the hearing impaired so that they can communicate well with their dogs. 

HELP ME/Tune Up 

Life happens! sometimes training slips or new introductions with other pets, roommates, or kids cause your dog to question your pack leadership. We are always here to help even if it has been a while. 

If your dog has had previous professional training and you just need a few hands-on sessions to help re-establish your relationship this is the perfect option.

Family Package

BRDT is a family run business. We have a very large dynamic "pack" of 6, with 4 kids and 8 dogs. This package is for the family that may have several dogs or several handlers (including kids) that can be worked in a group together to help solve any pack issues you may have in your household.  

Advanced Behavior Modification

Many active dogs turn to aggression or destructive behaviors when they don't have proper outlets for their energy. This program will help direct this energy in positive ways.

Cory has extensive experience with working breeds that have had extreme aggression and behavior issues. He is skilled at handling these dogs and helping owners in sensibly addressing the issue and determining a plan to help meet the needs of the dogs and their owners. 

The Working Dog

Cory has extensive experience with the working dogs from cattle dogs, pest abatement, and falconry. He understands the psychology of these working dogs and how to use simple behavior shaping techniques to bring out your dogs natural working traits.

Layla learning to stay in her "place" while our active household of six people and six dogs (and a cat) move around her with an abundance of distractions. 

Board and Train

This type of training is well suited to people that want a well-behaved dog, but do not have the time needed to attend our standard classes and train their dog themselves. During your dog's board and train, he/she will be cared for at the trainer's home while being trained by the trainer. The trainer work with your dog to perform the agreed-upon obedience commands appropriate for the age and your personal goals as well as distraction training and socializing as tolerated. In addition, you will receive private sessions with the trainer at the end of your dog’s stay to show you how to continue reinforcing what your dog has learned. We will do the hard work of introducing, imprinting and reinforcing the new obedience behaviors during your dog’s stay with us. Some benefits of using our program is that more behaviors can be taught in a shorter period of time in one on one sessions with your dog and the trainer. This allows for more repetition and stronger conditioning to the new behaviors being taught.

Currently, our Board and Train spaces are extremely limited due to space constraints. We are currently adding an additional 5 kennels to accommodate the growing demand. We expect to have these spots available in August.

Nutrition Consultation and Injury Rehabilitation

Black River Dog Training is lucky to have an onsite veterinarian involved in our program as well! 

Active dogs require good nutrition based on minimally processed whole foods that can assist them in reaching their optimal potential. Consultations are available upon request and included for free to our Board and Train participants.

Active dogs also happen to be prone to sport and physical related injuries. They also happen to be a handful when it comes to recovery and rehabilitation due to their highly active nature. Individual plans including physical therapy, massage, nutritional and herbal supplementation, boarding, and medication can be developed on a case by case bases by Dr. Katy to ensure your dog gets the best recovery and slow, safe return, to physical activity. 

June Bug staying relaxed and comfortable during her recovery from TPLO surgery to repair a ruptured cruciate ligament.