Training for the Active dog  

Black River Bird Control

Cory has trained working dogs for canine based rodent pest abatement for over 8 years now. He is well known for his working dogs that are a safe, environmentally sound method for controlling common farm pests and eliminating the use of poisons. They are highly sought after for organic farms. 

In the last 5 years, Cory has become a licensed falconer, completing an apprenticeship, and become a general falconer. Again, his reputation for being able to train his dogs to work with his hawks as become well known. This sparked an intense interest in dog AND falconry-based bird abatement. 

This spring Cory has joined Airstrike Bird Control to be able to offer his falconry and canine based bird abatement to larger commercial, industrial, agricultural settings.

Pest Birds

Rock Pigeon‚Äč

Pigeons cause damage with highly acidic feces that can cause extensive damage to metal or other surfaces that have prolonged contact. The debris from their nests can build up blocking gutters, drains, and air conditioning units.

They also are a source of disease from the bacteria, fungus and ectoparasites they spread with their droppings.

Geese and Ducks

Geese/Ducks cause a vast range of problems from damage of agricultural crops to the trampling of grass. Lawns and golf courses suffer from the aggressive and destructive presence of these birds that can cause significant aesthetic damage.

The geese/ducks will also cause significant contamination of any nearby ponds.


One of the largest populations of nuisance birds in America the European Starling causes over $1 billion dollars in loss to the agricultural industry a year. They prefer flying in large flocks that roost and eat grains around farms.

Their droppings are a health hazard to the livestock as well as humans.


Crows are a problem for all types of businesses, from parking lots to agricultural fields, personal homes and even buildings in urban areas.

Flocks of crows create noise, leave droppings that can spread disease, strew garbage around, and cause property damage to buildings, vehicles and landscaping.

Crows are also major agricultural pests that damage crops, particularly corn, sunflowers, and various fruits. In some instances, they prey on newborn livestock.


Seagulls can cause hazardous conditions for low flying aircraft and cause bird strike near airports.

They also cause a large buildup of droppings that lead to structural and paint damage due to its acidic uric acid content.

Gull droppings can carry a host of serious diseases, including salmonella, toxoplasmosis and more.


House sparrows prefer to nest in, on or near buildings. Nesting sparrows tend to get very noisy, nesting sparrows pack nesting materials inside stoves, dryers and fan vents, preventing their use and creating potential fire hazards. House sparrow nests can also clog or block drains, gutters and downspouts.

Their droppings contain uric acid that can eat away at automobile paint and building materials.

House sparrows can carry dozens of pathogens that cause communicable diseases, including bacterial, viral, and parasitic.

Meet the team



6 yr old Male Peruvian Harris Hawk

Cusco has experience as an abatement partner.

He is a new bird for Cory and proving to be a reliable partner.

The Peruvian Harris Hawk is a great partner as they are known for being extremely versatile. They are the only bird of prey that hunt in social groups. The Peruvian is a subspecies of Harris Hawks that is smaller and lighter than their northern counterparts. 



4yr old Female Germado

This is the first falcon added to the team. She is arriving early June and we are very excited to have her.

A Germado is a hybrid falcon that is a Gerfalcon and Applamado cross. These hybrids tend to be strong and fast.



SIip is a 2 Yr old Rat Terrier/Jaug Terrier. She is a working machine and able to preform almost any work Cory can find for her to do. 

June Bug

June Bug is a 7 yr old Golden Retriever that loves to case just about anything. She is game to harass Geese in the fall.


4 yr old Jaug Terrier. She is Slips dam and a proven rat hunter. She joined our family and is learning the ropes for more bird abatement-based work this fall.

If you have a business that is plagued by pest birds, contact Cory today for an evaluation.

Abatement Evaluation